Ah, I bet that confused you…

What is a “full-stack web-developer”?

I can do back-end systems and database work, managing Microsoft servers and their web server software, Internet Information Server (IIS – not to be confused with ISIS or the International Space Station, that’s the ISS) SQL Server databases, e-commerce platforms, credit-card payment gateway integration and server side programming, and I can do pretty front-end development that works on computers, tablets and smartphones…

What tools do I use?

Most of my day-to-day work is done using Visual Studio, I use 2015 – Community edition at the moment, to be honest for simple HTML editing it’s probably a bit of a sledgehammer but as the jobs I do come in a lot of different flavours I stick to VS 2015, I will probably upgrade to the next stable edition when Microsoft make it available, another advantage of Vs 2015 is that it is free to download from https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/community/

An advantage of VS is the tight integration with SQL Server which, for me, is the standard for building database driven web applications.

You don’t get far in web-design and development without being able to handle images! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rembrandt of computer graphics or just want to make a .ico file, sooner or later you’ll need a graphics package, I’m a long-time user of Adobe Photoshop and recently upgraded my old CS version to the CC version currently available via http://www.adobe.com I also chose a copy of Illustrator and to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud while I was at it.

I also have a bundle of little applications and utilities, WS FTP, Coffee Cup Image Mapper, a neat little firewall tunnelling utility that lets me expose my local webserver to the Internet for testing purposes and a simple HTML editor called Homesite that isn’t available anymore, I just keep a copy installed as I’m a sucker for old-school style HTML editing.

So those are my main programming/development and graphics packages… I’ll talk about them more, and some of the jobs I do with them, in the future.

“I’ll be back” – T-101.


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