Boy, that was a long time!

Yeah, months since an update, well it’s been a busy time.

New websites, new training, new certifications, a new house and trips back to my home country all took up my time, and to be honest this blog is mainly just for me to scratch out a few words when the mood takes me!

So what are these new sites?

My biggest job was the completion and launch of a wholesale site for an existing client. The site was built on the Shopify platform and incorporates password-secure customer accounts to prevent retail customers accessing wholesale information,

The principal of an existing client asked me to put together a simple online resume/page for him at a pleasure to do so for him and a refreshing simple design to his requirements.

We built a website last year for a newly published author, Jackie Togwell, to help promote her first novel, last week she asked us for a major update with fresh content, new pages and clean, responsive interface that’s easy to navigate.

And the new certifications and training?

I spent quite a few months up to my neck in the MongoDB University, I completed courses in No-SQL fundamentals, administration and development using .NET and Node.js. My results were close to 100% across the board so I was happy with that!

As part of expanding my skills I also took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam and passed with flying-colours so I’m now a certified Google Analytics specialist.

At the moment I’m part way through my next set of goals, to become a certified Shopify Expert after having been a Partner for the last 12 months.

I’ll also be doing extra training in Angular, Vue.js and Python/Django before the end of the year to round out my development skills and bring ComDotty up to date with the latest tools…

Will I be successful in all this training?

Who knows? I’m game, lets give it a go and see what happens!

To finish this update, a brief note about PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps…

Progressive Web Apps are a fairly new but rapidly growing concept, creating web applications and sites that can be installed, and behave, just like a users favourite apps on their smartphone, I decided to have a go myself by using the ComDotty website as my “lab-rat”.

I added the necessary files and JavaScript, extra icons, a manifest file and a few other tweaks and voila, if you load the site in Google Chrome on your Android device you’ll be prompted to add it to your home screen, give it a go and post a message here to tell me what you think.

“I’ll be back” – T101


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